Hastings, Nebraska

Hastings, Nebraska

Last night I met a guy who would possibly change my outlook on life forever. I was in Hastings Nebraska on the Small Town America Tour. We are a couple months into a long tour and everyone is pretty exhausted. Jon is a middle aged man who looks homeless and was at the venue when we arrived. He helped us load in our gear and helped me set up my drum riser. I started asking Jon questions about his life and work. He told me he doesn’t have a job because he’s manic depressive and has PTSD. He said he’s had a pretty rough life with a lot of darkness.

I thanked Jon for his help throughout the day and tried to check on him when I saw him. He was a sad, lonely man, who really had nothing. He said he had never heard of Fireflight or Seventh Day Slumber, but he was excited to see a rock show.

After the show I was loading out my gear and came across Jon again, who helped us pack our trailer. He was almost in tears at the end of the night and I pulled him aside to talk.

Jon went on to tell me that he had an eleven year addiction to meth and had tried to commit suicide several times. He didn’t have any friends or family. In the past month he flipped a car intentionally while driving down the interstate and still managed to live. He said he felt that God kept allowing him to live, even though he didn’t want to, and this made him angry. He knew God had some purpose for his life but no idea why. He has been clean from drugs and alcohol for almost a year but was on the verge of relapsing last night. Somehow God got him through the night and brought him to the concert.

During Seventh Day Slumber’s set Joseph shares his testimony about being delivered from a cocaine addiction and being a drug dealer. This resonated greatly with Jon that night and he gave his life to the Lord during the show. After telling me all of this I offered to pray for Jon and he specifically wanted prayer to stay sober. I prayed that God would give him hope and purpose, and thanked God for saving and protecting his life. I hugged Jon and said goodbye. Several of us on the tour signed a Bible for Jon that night and put some of our favorite scripture references in there for him.

Jon said he knew he was there that day for a reason and God had brought him. I’m sure that is true and we needed to meet Jon as much as he needed to meet the Lord. I was once again reminded when I meet someone who seems insignificant, and I have nothing in common with, that they matter to Jesus. When we are traveling on the road, and we’re tired, or sick, and there seems to be a lot of work…… God might put someone in our path even then that needs to see Jesus in us. People are always watching us and there’s always a chance to show Jesus’ love.

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